Training Details

Event Dates and Timeframe
  • Thursday, August 22, 2019
    • 10:30 AM to noon


Cost Range

To be determined

Host and Instructor

Host: Pacific ADA Center
Instructor: Jan Garrett and Dana Barton


In this session, two members of the ADA National Network will discuss how the ADA impacts persons with Opioid Use Disorders in a variety of health care settings. The presenters will also cover how to eliminate discrimination that results in barriers to treatment and recovery.

Learning objectives:

-Learn how people with opioid and other substance use disorders may be considered people with disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act's (ADA) definition of disability.
-Understand the ADA's protections for people with opioid use disorder.
-Identify potential discrimination under the ADA that people in treatment and recovery may experience.
-Learn resources for more information on the ADA and where to file complaints of discrimination with federal agencies.


Jan Garrett is the Program manager at the Pacific ADA Center, a member of the ADA National Network.

Dana Barton is the Director of the Rocky Mountain ADA Center, a member of the ADA National Network.