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Host: Mental Health First Aid National Council for Behavioral Health
Instructor: Dr. Joe Parks, Medical Director of the National Council for Behavioral Health


It’s time to tune out the noise and listen to the science. Mass violence is complicated; there are multiple causes that require multiple solutions.

It turns out that the National Council's Medical Directors Institute was wrapping up a lengthy report, titled Mass Violence in America, around the same time that Merrill's episode aired. As such, the council graciously offered to have Dr. Parks joins me to discuss the report's findings.

First, here's a little background on Dr. Parks: In addition to serving as the Medical Director of the National Council, Dr. Parks is a Distinguished Research Professor of Science at the University of Missouri-St.Louis, as well as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Missouri-Colombia. He also practices outpatient psychiatry at the Family Health Center, a federally funded community mental health center established to expand services to uninsured, and under-insured populations.

In this episode, Dr. Parks and I discuss the following:

If you're interested in reading the MDI report, click here to access it. And for more information about the National Council for Behavioral Health, click here.

This podcast was supported by the Mental Health Risk Retention Group and Negley Associates.