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Event Dates and Timeframe self-paced for 90 days access to online material for completion.
  • Monday, October 4, 2021


Tabitha Tatum

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Host and Instructor

Host: Caritas College
Instructor: Marion Coomber


Contact Hours: 24.00
C.E. Credit for Montana Nurses Association Continuing Nursing Education: 1.00 [pending]


Upon the completion of the 24 hour-online theory, the health professional will be able to demonstrate enhanced skills in critical thinking/critical enquiry, clinical judgements, appropriate communications, and aptitudes to promote client safety, advocacy, prevention, interventions within scope of their practice and forward referrals adequately to support the following learning outcomes.
100% online, certification of completion available

There are 12 units of study that include clinical applications and key goals throughout the critical thinking process.

This course of study is suitable for:
 RNs
 LPNs
 Nurses in Independent Practice
 Clinical Managers
 Team Leaders
 Paramedics
 Occupational Therapists
 Physiotherapists
 Recreation Therapists
 Allied Health Professionals

Pre-registration is available prior to start date of Oct. 4th. If you mention your organization and Tabitha Tatum (Caritas's Dir. of Business Development) you'll save $100 CAD on your registration from $500 CAD, down to $400 CAD. If your organization partners with Caritas, the cost per student goes down to $300 CAD/student.
All prices are in $CAD as of now, and will be converted to $USD at time of purchase. At time of this posting the conversion rate for $400 CAD would = $USD $316.31

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