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Event Dates and Timeframe This is the fourth and final training in a series of four trainings.
  • Tuesday, February 8, 2022
    • 01:00 PM to 02:30 PM


AKTC Tech Support

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Host and Instructor

Host: The Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, the United Way of Anchorage, and UAA's Center for Human Development/Alaska Training Cooperative
Instructor: Mariya Lovishchuk, Glory Hall, Morgan Erisman, Juneau Housing First Collaborative, and RuralCAP staff


This training is the 4th in a series of four. The series will be followed by a Housing Summit where agencies can explore topics in greater depth and obtain technical assistance on next steps to provide supportive housing. Individual training sessions will be recorded and available at a later time.

Session Four: Introduction to Supportive Housing Operations - The third critical component of supportive housing is operations. Learn how to support the daily needs of tenants that are not billable as services and review the maintenance, security and other needs you are likely to have when operating supportive housing.

Alaska Housing Finance Corporation will give an overview of the different types of project-based and tenant-based rental vouchers. Mariya Lovishchuk, Executive Director/Project Coordinator of the Glory Hall, and Morgan Erisman, Program Director of the Juneau Housing First Collaborative, will present their experience with Forget Me Not Manor, a congregate permanent supportive housing facility in Juneau. RuralCAP staff will talk about operating congregate permanent supportive housing facilities in Anchorage.

Please join us to learn how Alaskans and many non-profits nationally are creating the solution for homelessness - supportive housing!

For questions about this training, please contact Betsy Chivers
Training Coordinator
UAA Center for Human Development, Alaska Training Cooperative