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Event Dates and Timeframe
  • Wednesday, June 1, 2022
    • 11:00 AM to noon


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Host and Instructor

Instructor: Dr. Evan Kleiman, PhD and Dr. David A Jobes, PhD, ABPP


Join us for this hour-long webinar, "How can technology improve how we predict and prevent suicidal thoughts and behavior? " with Dr. Evan Kleiman.

Technology like smartphones and smartwatches have become nearly ubiquitous over the past few years. This has led to a surge of interest into using this technology to better understand suicide risk as it occurs in everyday life as well as improve the delivery of interventions for suicide risk. In this webinar, Dr. Kleiman will first focus on the progress we have made in using technology to predict and prevent suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Next, he will talk about the opportunities and challenges of using technology with suicidal individuals in clinical practice. Dr. Kleiman will end by giving a balanced view of what may and may not be possible in the future when using technology to study suicide.

Please note, we have received a lot of interest in our free webinar series. If you find that registration is full, you will be able to access a recording of the webinar within a few days of the event at where you can find all of our previous free webinars. Additionally, CEs and Certificates of Attendance will not be offered for this webinar.