All Patients Safe - Suicide Prevention Training for Alaskan Medical Professionals

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Training Details

Event Dates and Timeframe
Any Time
Location and Delivery Method
Delivery Method
Online / Web Delivered
Cost Range

Host And Instructor

NW Mental Health Technology Transfer Center Network (MHTTC)
UW Medicine/Dept of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Training Overview Description

Suicide is a silent epidemic and public health crisis

In the US, suicide is a more common cause of death than breast cancer, prostate cancer, or traffic fatalities. In 2014 the rate of Alaska Native males that died by suicide was nearly four times the national average.

All Patients Safe provides the necessary tools to medical providers to understand their role in suicide prevention by teaching them how to:

• Integrate screening and assessment tools into their practice
• Educate patients on keeping homes safe
• Refer patients to additional resources
• Follow up with those at risk for suicide

Each self-pace training module includes:

• Real patient stories
• Model provider-patient interactions
• Interactive patient exercises with feedback

3 or 6 hours of complimentary CME and CNE credits available.

Medical professionals can make an enormous impact!

Event-specific Details

This training is intended for medical professionals and is available for an introductory period through the NW Mental Health Technology Transfer Network (NW-MHTTC) and the University of Washington, Dept of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health. During this introductory period there will be no fee for this training.
Please download the training flyer below for more information and details on CEs.

Anticipated dates for the availability of this training: June 1 through August 31.

Registration will be available soon through the NW-MHTTC website. Please click here for more information:

Traumatic Brain Injury
Developmental Disabilities
Chronic Alcoholism and Other Substance Related Disorders
Behavioral Health/Mental Illness
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Aging/Alzheimers and Other Dementia
All Substance Abuse
All Senior Services
All Health Care
All Child Welfare
All Behavioral Health / Social

Registration Information

Registration will be available soon through the NW-MHTTC website. Please click here for more information:

This training is distributed in partnership with:
UAA/Center for Human Development/Alaska Training Cooperative
Alaska Primary Care Association
Alaska Area Health Education Centers (AHEC)