Virtual Full Lives Training Series - Tech Up Your Agency: Finding Efficiencies, Making Time and Effort Count

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Rural AKHealth Professions Foundation/AKTraining Cooperative
Bob Croley


Contact Hours: 2.00

Training Overview Description

Many small businesses need very little in the way of technology to move forward, others are unable to do anything without it. Human service firms have been slow to adopt newer technological sophistication, which probably has to do with our more “person driven” efforts. We’d prefer to focus on our “peeps” rather than our “stuff.” While this is not a bad thing, it becomes a little easier to adopt an attitude of “this way we’ve always done it so…”

The challenges with “keeping up” stretch beyond this to “who we are” and “where we’ve been.” Today, many of the people who manage our organizations started in the field at and before the beginning of our most recent technological step up. In many situations, we suffer from not knowing what can be done rather than not being willing to move forward.

Technology for many years has been a tool of large organizations whose budgets number in the tens of millions while smaller operators who have fewer digits on the left of the decimal point have been left behind. The good news is with the maturity of these technologies, in many cases, the costs have been dramatically reduced.

This presentation is about the tools that are available to you regardless of the size of your organization, what you do, or how you do it. Some key points to keep in mind as we go forward:

  • Do you know what part of the year your workload is at its greatest?
  • How long does it take you to find a single page document for a client who left your agency three years ago? A client still in your agency?
  • Do you know who the people are that are connected to your clients?
  • Do you know how they're connected to one another?
  • Can you forecast the amount of time you need in any given month to get things done?
  • Is there a part of the operation of your business that you avoid?

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Access the AKTC e-Learning Portal, in order to watch the recording of the live session, review training materials, access the training evaluation and Certificate of Completion. The e-Learning Portal is only available after completing your registration and payment. Please allow 15 minutes for the system to update payment information before accessing the e-Learning Portal.

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Care Coordinators. SDS will accept the certificate of Attendance for individual classes, either live webinar session or recorded session, for care coordinator Continuing Education Hours. (including the ones the CC will use for recertification training – see below)

For SDS care coordinator re-certification training, the recertifying care coordinator must:

  • Complete 8 different sessions (either in webinar or recording – complete sessions by June 30)
  • Answer all three questions on the survey after each session.
  • Receive a certificate of attendance for each session completed.
  • Gather all 8 certificates of attendance,
  • And, attach them to one email to
  • Deadline for submission - July 31 2020.

SDS Training will email the recertifying care coordinator a SDS certificate of training completion for care coordinator recertification.

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This training is available until June 30, 2020.

Registrations are closed