Friendships and Dating Program Facilitator Training

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Training Details

Event Dates and Timeframe
Day 1:
Monday, August 2, 2021 at 09:00 AM until 01:30 PM
Day 2:
Tuesday, August 3, 2021 at 09:00 AM until 01:30 PM
This class is also being offered on
Tuesday, September 28, 2021 ( Online / Web Delivered )
Location and Delivery Method
Delivery Method
Online / Web Delivered
Support Email
Support Website
Cost Range
This training is grant funded by the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority through the University of Alaska Anchorage Center for Human Development.

Host And Instructor

Center for Human Development, UAA
Sondra LeClair ( and Kelley Hartlieb (
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Training Overview Description

The UAA Center for Human Development trains staff members working in community agencies across Alaska to implement the Friendships & Dating Program (FDP) with this two-day facilitator training.

The FDP teaches young adults (ages 16 and older) and adults with intellectual and related developmental disabilities (I/DD) how to make and keep healthy relationships and prevent violence in their relationships. FDP is a 10-week long program made up of 20 sessions. Sessions are held twice a week and last approximately 1.5 hours each. The first session of each week focuses on participants learning new skills. The second session centers on applying these new skills in a community setting.

Event-specific Details

During this training, you will learn:
- Purpose of the program
- How to recruit participants
- How to communicate course content to participant support networks
- Detailed information on all 20 course sessions
- Introduction to the Friendships & Dating Program website and supporting materials

Facilitators who participate in the Friendships & Dating Program are asked to attend the full training

Registration Information

If you have any questions regarding this training or the Friendships & Dating Program, please contact Sondra LeClair at

If you are an Alaskan facilitator, this training is offered free of charge. If you do not provide services in Alaska, please contact Sondra LeClair prior to registering for the course.

Registrations are closed