Parent-Child Interaction (PCI) Feeding Scale VIRTUAL Workshop

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Training Details

Event Dates and Timeframe
Monday - Thursday 7:00 am - 11:30 am AKDT and Friday 7:00 am - noon AKDT
Day 1:
Monday, November 1, 2021
Day 2:
Tuesday, November 2, 2021
Day 3:
Wednesday, November 3, 2021
Day 4:
Thursday, November 4, 2021
Day 5:
Friday, November 5, 2021
Location and Delivery Method
Delivery Method
Video Conferencing
Cost Range
Refund Policy: If you register for this workshop but are unable to attend, you may send a substitute or obtain a refund of the fee less $35.00 for handling. Requests must be made via [email]( and received prior to October 13, 2021. Materials must be returned, unused to PCRP.

Host And Instructor

Barnard Center for Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health, University of Washington
Kimberlee Shoecraft, MSW, LICSW


Contact Hours: 24.00

Training Overview Description

This 24-hour virtual workshop on Parent-Child Interaction (PCI) Assessment Scale and Feeding will provide participants with new observation skills to transform your view of the parent-child relationship. Topics and tools include:

  • A valid and reliable assessment for measuring parent-child interaction
  • A set of observable behaviors you can use to describe caregiver/parent-child interaction
  • Excellent pre and post measures to document intervention effects for clinicians and researchers, the PCI scales have been employed in over 100 published research studies
  • A feeding manual, scale pad, and certification are included with cost

Training Objectives

  • Learning PCI observation skills will provide you with a new lens which will transform your view of the parent-child relationship
  • You will see the strengths and challenges in the parent-child relationship
  • Will give you concrete areas to guide intervention and encourage positive parent-child interaction

Target Audience

Public health nurses, researchers, social workers, infant mental health specialists, occupational and physical therapists, early intervention workers

Competencies & Endorsement

This training will cover the following Competencies required for Endorsement®:

  • Infant/Very Young Child Development & Behavior
  • Observational Skills
  • Screening and Assessment
  • Disorders of Infancy and Early Childhood

AK-AIMH administers the Endorsement® to recognize the attainment of professional competencies in working with children 0-3. For more information about Competencies® & Endorsement for Culturally Sensitive, Relationship-Focused Practice Promoting Infant Mental Health®, please visit AK-AIMH's website.

Event-specific Details

The Alaska Association for Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health (AK-AIMH) has listed this training for the benefit of Alaska's professionals as part of our initiative Project Compass: Leading the Way to Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health Workforce Development. Project Compass is funded by AK-AIMH members and donors, the Alaska Children's Trust, and the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority. Visit Project Compass online or email to learn more!

Registration Information

Register for this workshop by visiting the sponsor, Parent-Child Relationship Programs at the Barnard Center.
Questions? Call 206.543.8528 or email with Parent-Child Interaction (PCI) Feeding Scale Workshop in the subject line.