Critical Thinking in Healthcare CTSC-001

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Training Details

Event Dates and Timeframe
self-paced for 90 days access to online material for completion.
Monday, October 4, 2021
Location and Delivery Method
Delivery Method
Online / Web Delivered
Contact Person
Tabitha Tatum
Support Phone
(310) 696-6591
Support Email
Support Website
Cost Range
Cost per student is based on partnership with Caritas and/or the referral mentioned at time of purchase by your organization or mention (Tabitha Tatum - Director Business Development) for a $100 off. All prices are noted in CAD$. Conversion to $USD is done at time of purchase of online course, estimated around $300/USD.

Host And Instructor

Caritas College
Marion Coomber
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Contact Hours: 24.00
C.E. Credit for Montana Nurses Association Continuing Nursing Education: 1.00 [pending]

Training Overview Description

The Caritas College Critical Thinking Course CTSC-001 addresses these needs in a practical and meaningful way.

  • It is applicable to any healthcare professional.
  • This course is 24 hours of online study with 90 days access to complete.
  • It is affordable and engaging, fully immersing the student in an enjoyable, deep learning, edu-tainment experience.

Upon the completion of the 24 hour-online theory, the health professional will be able to demonstrate enhanced skills in critical thinking/critical enquiry, clinical judgements, appropriate communications, and aptitudes to promote client safety, advocacy, prevention, interventions within scope of their practice and forward referrals adequately to support the following learning outcomes.
• Identify problems
• Analyze elements/facts of a specific situation/problem
• Communicate important elements/issues
• Gather relevant situational information
• Interpret information effectively relative to the problem
• Establish relevant criteria & standards for acceptable solutions
• Develop alternatives to address criteria
• Clarify assumptions
• Predict implications & consequences
• Construct well-reasoned solutions/conclusions
• Support conclusions with facts
• Communicate decisions
• Use critical thinking methods to make decisions
• Collaborate with others in the critical thinking arena

Event-specific Details

There are 12 units of study that include clinical applications and key goals throughout the critical thinking process.

This course of study is suitable for:
 RNs
 LPNs
 Nurses in Independent Practice
 Clinical Managers
 Team Leaders
 Paramedics
 Occupational Therapists
 Physiotherapists
 Recreation Therapists
 Allied Health Professionals

Pre-registration is available prior to start date of Oct. 4th. If you mention your organization and Tabitha Tatum (Caritas's Dir. of Business Development) you'll save $100 CAD on your registration from $500 CAD, down to $400 CAD. If your organization partners with Caritas, the cost per student goes down to $300 CAD/student.
All prices are in $CAD as of now, and will be converted to $USD at time of purchase. At time of this posting the conversion rate for $400 CAD would = $USD $316.31